Where can you buy Kilmorack Farm organic pastured eggs?

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At Kilmorack Farm we farm organically (certified by NASAA) to produce the most nutrient dense healthy fruit, vegies and eggs for our customers.

Kilmorack Farm is a mixed farm run on regenerative principles and the hens contribute to this process. Kilmorack Farm hens free range on our 60 acres of lush south Gippsland pasture guarded by alpacas and Max the maremma. Their diet of grass, insects and bugs is supplemented with certified organic grain. At night they sleep in caravans which are moved regularly to fresh pasture. The stocking density is very low at 80 per ha and the hens are able to scratch and dust bathe and forage on fresh green grass every day. The eggs are collected twice daily and carefully packed to ensure that only the best quality eggs are available to our customers